My Story | I started trading the capital markets in the late 80’s.  Penny stocks at first then commodity futures and options on futures.  I then ventured towards equity options.  Yet this was early on, it was  over twenty eight years ago I found myself focused on foreign exchange exclusively.  I have been teaching traders of FX for over 18 years now and I find great satisfaction in making a positive change in those who see the value of my life’s passion in exposing transparency.

I have worked for hedge funds, quant houses, brokerages and a top tier global bank, the most rewarding though by far are the responses obtained in helping someone achieve success trading.

I guarantee that what we do here at iForex will give you new found confidence in your ability to trade with consistent profitability. If you enroll in the course, at completion, the only thing remaining will be perfecting the practice of trading well.

Trading Goals | In the next year my goal is put 200 traders into professional management of fund capital, I’d call that success!

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If I can help you and your trading, please let me know how. You can reach me on Telegram with the button below.

Nick – Virginia, U.S.

Founder, MBA, CHP, CMP