Within any strategy is the foundation of education. We deliver it on point! Our traders will tell you that once they saw how the market moved, what caused it to move and how to exploit it, there is nothing else that compares! From day one, you’re in the trenches with an intensive level of trader education. With the 45+ lessons, we help you break the market down into core components and reassemble them with your new found knowledge into a poignant strategy that simply works!


Transparency is present when you realize everything you knew about the markets prior was thwarting the very success you sought. At this point, you can walk away from the bad habits and clean the slate while your confidence and performance reach levels most only dream of. You’re at the right place! This is Total Transparency!


When you’re done with your training, the question will no longer linger as ‘if’ you’re going to make profit, but ‘how much’ will you profit? While we cannot predict market conditions on any given day, we know for certain conditions that present us outcomes we can exploit.



Three decades of trading experience and years of professional development have gone into what’s presented with the 40+ lectures of  genius in this course.

You’ll be guided through the maze of retail ambiguity into a market that presents market efficiency and trading accuracy far beyond what most traders ever experience (retail and professional alike).  You’ll walk away with knowledge of exactly how the markets move, when the markets move and how the markets move will no longer be a mystery. Your confidence will expand to new levels and you’ll walk circles around those you previously regarded as experts.

In short, it’s dynamic, it’s responsive, it’s intelligent and it targets the core influences of the largest market in the world and makes it child’s play! What you’ll realize is that building strategy on price candles is a flawed approach while developing market transparency based upon those core influences and ultimately data are truly revolutionary! You then know with certainty when, how and why the markets move.

Here is the curriculum including modules covering ‘The Basics’. Everything else is a new view of the world’s most complex market as I break it down to it’s simplest form and most elementary form.



  • Introduction
  • Trading Professionally
  • Basis for Data and Strategy
  • Price Action and Structure
    • The Basics ( 18 Lessons )
  • Typical Retail Trader Approach
  • The Core of Foreign Exchange
  • Who and Why of Foreign Exchange
  • Dominant Market Participants
  • Foreign Exchange Transparency
  • Limit Order Books
  • Developing Confidence
  • Charts are Wrong
  • Extraction of Historical Lag
  • Drilling Down into Exchange Rate Movements
  • Reading Capital Flows
  • Bid Ask Bounce
  • Volumes Drive Everything
  • Market Granularity
  • Volume & Price Connection
  • Unearthing More Transparency
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Consistency
  • Trading Objectives with Analysis
  • Trading Models – Indexes
  • Trading Models – Differentials
  • Trading Models – FlowTrader

This Membership Access Level is an affordable means to learning a comprehensive approach to proper FX Markets Analytics.  While it has minimal cost, that cost is far outweighed by the tremendous value in the lessons. You’ll have access to the very same course that provides traders intelligence to deliver daily returns most only dream of.


It’s been my life’s mission, changing the course of systemic abuse and unearthing total market transparency for the retail trader of FX. We’ve all been abused, in fact the banking industry when it pertains to capital markets realizes retail trader losses in excess of an estimated 450,000,000 USD each day. This is not an insignificant number. Now, take a sampling of my students and you see exactly how the tables have been turned with the vast majority of them enjoying consistently routine profits. I look forward to watching your story of trading proficiency develop!


This is one member’s results after taking a five day course, similar but less informative than the one you’re about to take. After the course, I sent him on a fact finding mission to determine his new found skills at trading. He trades with us now and generates 30-40% Per Month like clockwork!




July 2022

I took the course 2 month ago. It’s very well structured & contains a level of insight and deep understanding what causes the markets to move. It’s a view we have never seen before. After 1,5 month demo trading, I’m live trading live and I’m profitable with daily returns up to 18% profits a day while averaging around 8%. You should absolutely take the course!

Svenja, Germany


This course isn’t just the most powerful analytical approach in a comprehensive educational format, it’s also the the best method for total submersion. With course access you’re provided a complete education without the use of our trading models.  This is a monthly subscription to joining a market leading community of traders and witnessing the power prior to investing in your education and career as a professional forex trader.

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