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Course Schedule - Much more that just How to Trade Forex

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Here it is. June 12th to 16th, 2023

Monday | What causes the market to move. A granular view at cross border money flow.

Tuesday | Nothing too romantic, it's just market sentiment.

Wednesday | Whittle it down, cherry pick and smash that profit register!

Thursday | How to use the banks directly for profit.

Friday | Trading Session

Each day, both the 6 AM and 10 PM session will repeat itself, drilling down in with focus for those that personally attend the sessions in zoom. You'll learn how to trade forex wtih resiliency. You'll learn how to trade forex from the hard right edge of the chart and you'll learn how to trade forex with confidence knowing the conditions of how, why and when!

Recordings are not available but the core purpose of this course is to provide a rolling form of access any day of the week and allow someone to jump on board and get started with the steam engine blazing hot!

See You on the Inside! trading school

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