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How to Trade Forex Into the Future with Transparency

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Parity, it's the elusive 'value' traders commonly identify with cross rates or mid points between bid and ask prices. But parity is much more than that and it's constantly changing. As we measure exchange rate fluctuations inside sentiment we are given parity. Prices always follow it. But as efficient as the FX market is, sentiment still has a 30 - 60 second advantage on price parity and this is massive! This my friends is how to trade forex into the future. When you have transparency at your desktop you understand how and where the markets are headed.

We know the markets intentionally disorientating. We witness the swayed thoughts of traders as they attempt to analyze price movement in hopes of gaining some light on the subject. If this weren't the case, the very volume data that institutional venue's carry would in fact be distributed to retail platforms but that is not the case. We have been at the forefront for two decades with proprietary volume analysis.

Today is the last day of the open access Intense Trading Course and this week a couple dozen traders have witnessed the inside of the market in a way that most never thought possible. While it makes it difficult to revert back to price action based retail strategies it puts some discernment at the fingertips of those who participated!

See you all on the inside!

how to trade forex with an intelligent approach

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