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Exposing Trader Funding Options - with Intelligent Forex Education

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Unlocking the Truth Behind Price Action: A Paradigm Shift for Forex Traders

Many traders invest months, or even years, chasing the fallacy of relying solely on price action to achieve success. However, there are inherent flaws in this approach, and astonishingly, 95% of traders fail to recognize these flaws.

Let's delve into a compelling theory to broaden your understanding. Imagine stepping into an auction house showcasing prized artwork or entering a commodity exchange specializing in gold bullion. As you observe the price fluctuations and downward drift, you become aware of the visual activity in the trading pit. Notably, known buyers enter the pit, displaying various levels of aggression or passiveness while placing their buy orders. Simultaneously, sellers retreat, resulting in an upward movement of prices due to the buyers' aggression.

On your screen, the price action reflects the combined influence of incoming and outgoing aggression from buyers and sellers.

However, for FX traders, it is vital to grasp the market's efficiency. It is no longer a simple dollar/gold exchange rate; instead, it involves various currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and USD/CAD. The net pressures stemming from ALL currencies provide us with a transparent understanding of cross-border money flow, which governs exchange rate fluctuations on a micro-structural level.

Recognizing the market's efficiency, we can observe that price action merely follows the flow of cross-border movements, leading to tick-based "sentiment" that precedes price movements by 30-60 seconds throughout the trading day. By carefully analyzing arrays of data, focusing on the underlying currencies, we can extract this leading sentiment. This concept aligns precisely with what George Soros discussed in his renowned book, "Alchemy of Finance," regarding the reactionary nature of the markets. Here, we expose the essence. The end result is that price action follows sentiment as a reaction to cross-border movements triggered by institutions. This approach is granular and offers more precision than most traders have ever contemplated.

If you are engaging trader funding options or 'prop funds', it is crucial to concentrate on this approach. I have personally dedicated 29 years to mastering it, and when I activate my trading strategy a few days a week, the returns flow in.

I freely teach and have recently offered this approach to the trading community. Given the current economic conditions and political uncertainties, it is my duty to unveil the intricacies of how, why, and when markets move with unparalleled precision. Once you experience it firsthand, you will have two reactions: firstly, frustration at the wasted effort spent without proper focus, and secondly, astonishment at how remarkably easy trading can become.

Remember, the market is efficient, and the recognition of cross-border capital movements is attainable. It is the existence of opportunities pursued by institutions that make our trades profitable. By staying ahead of the institutions, we can leverage our knowledge and extract routine profits from unscrupulous brokerages (as prop funds are essentially brokers) that attempt to exploit your lack of understanding regarding the micro-structure governing exchange rate movements.

Join us at iForex.Market, where we provide comprehensive forex education, share our expertise as a trusted provider, offer guidance on how to trade forex effectively, and explore the fascinating world of the forex market.

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