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Two Down! iFXM 2 - Retail Gurus 0

So, what started yesterday in a casual discovery has certainly become that. A Discovery. Confidence among participants started with an average of 24%. That average is now 75% after just 3 hours of study! It's a strong lead with Two Down! iFXM 0 - Retail Gurus 0.

Why, how or what makes this possible? That's relatively easy. We dissected the market and removed the noise of abstract & static patterns that lack resilient insight and we drilled into the core influences of what causes the market to move in the first place.

The result is that by including granular microstructure and a host of transparent views confidence soars, while at the same time confidence in price action is now at 0%! Confidence in retail gurus is now at 0%. Their game is up!

The 85 attendees today now can reasonably identify proper analysis of core influences and discard the retail gurus in 3 seconds flat knowing their resiliency is a far cry less than acceptable.

Tomorrow we'll dive into trading rules before taking some opportunities! There will not be a trading session tomorrow morning but we'll see you at 6 AM EST (NY TIME)

If you haven't registered for the Discovery Course, you're missing on an awesome experience! REGISTER!


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