My Story | In early 2017 I learned about the forex market by a friend and I fell in love with the ideas it presented me, independent living with my own rules and on my own schedule. The first nine months I traded demo accounts as most traders do, when I finally traded in a live account I lost 20% in a week. After that i paid $ 1,000 for a course from a guy who said he traded in a very different way which ultimately was not the case, it was all just trendlines with good marketing. In the following year I lost another 30% of the account’s equity, losing consistently, it was completely devastating. After the losses, I expended 2 more years studying and back-testing everything I could including Wykoff, Elliot wave and every other indicator on the market. Nothing worked. It was at this time I discovered the Smart Money Concepts, finally something that looked like it was legit, but that was not the case either, two more long years and still nothing had changed. Three months ago I discovered iForex.Market. It clicked, everything clicked. Nick at has given me the understanding as to why the market moves and I no longer risk equity without knowing exactly why the markets moving. It took me a couple days to realize that everything I knew prior was just wasted time.  There’s so much trash in the industry, I suggest understanding how the market works with real knowledge, then apply trading to what you learn. Now something has changed and I can see finally see the finish line after 5 years of chaos.

I’d suggest that to put it into perspective, in the middle of an enigma, Nick is the decoder – dissecting market sentiment and institutional volumes to deliver traders true market transparency.

Trading Goals | In the next year my main goal is to gain financial independence and help others find their way like I did, through the noise.

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If I can help you and your trading, please let me know how. You can reach me on Telegram with the button below.

Alex – Andalucia, Spain

25 Years Old