My Story | I took an interest in the markets in the mid 80’s with the daily reporting of historic earnings being made by proficient traders. What I saw more than the money was the freedom opportunity that the markets offered. Time freedom, freedom from a boss, time clock & or production quotas. Freedom to head down to Zuma Beach.

Not being from a background that lent to entering the markets at that time I opted to keep one eye out for opportunities to learn while following a career path in sales of financially based services. For the next 2 decades I kept on eye out for the right window to open or right mentor to cross my path. Early in 2013 I decided “if not now when” & started to study every conceivable strategy, BIGMACD, Itchi-Scratchy Chandelier Clouds, Stochastic RSI/CC Moving Average crossing the London Open, Quarters Theory, Market Structure, Fibawachi, Elliotts Waving at the TDI and so on. You name the strategy & I found it’s failure point. ( Sorry – Not Sorry about the sarcasm on useless technical indicators )

Then one day in the summer of 2019 I noticed a comment on a trading thread that hinted at something different, something that I had not come across in the past 8 or so years, “what actually makes the market move?” was the question that I was about to learn the answer to.

That was the day that my trading confidence changed forever!

My advice to you is simply this: Take a listen to what the answer to that question is & join a winning group of traders that understand the data that moves the markets. The reward will be confidence, profit & most importantly (in my book) freedom.

Trading Goals | Stay profitable, guide others to trading success, manage & assist new or failing traders to realize consistent trading profitability.

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If I can help you and your trading, please let me know how. You can reach me on Telegram with the button below.

Liam – Ohio, U.S.