When you’re armed with the right analysis, the foreign exchange market routinely provides tremendous opportunities for profit. It is by far the largest market in the world with daily FX Volumes dwarfing the size of all other markets combined. But the currency markets also comes with competition of participants, so to trade FX well, one must understand the core of market structure, risk and capital while building proficiency superior to the majority of participants!

This is where we help traders develop professional trading skills to match our funded trading capital and technology solution. You’ll find our analytics second to none as we drill down into micro-structure and produce market leading analysis, it’s simply second to none!

We maintain solutions for those who trade our in house and outside capital on a percentage basis, providing you the intelligence, know how and analysis to trade well in a uniquely bespoke partnership.


So you want to trade professionally and you need capital? We’ll provide you a solution when we have reviewed and approved your request. It would help you tremendously if you’ve completed our Forex Traders Course! You could be qualified within a month!

Our solution is unique in that we also permit investors to engage our funding services and place the allocation with traders we have trained.


Prior to qualification you’ll know if you’ll be required to proceed through verification as well, it’s typically a cost factor.  The benefit of using us though is that we’ll properly train you for success, or if you’re using our investor capital solution, we’ll place the allocation with one of our in house traders portfolio management.

Join the Forex Traders Course and prepare yourself for maximum returns!


Once you’re funded with analytics and technology on your side, we’ll offer progressive capital allocations regularly.  This is a powerful path to achieving significant funding levels in very short periods of time, and it’s all in house!

If you’re ready to start a career trading foreign exchange professionally, you’re at the right place. Inquire for more information, or register and get started!



  • 50K to 2,0M USD
  • 50-60% Payout
  • Investor Friendly
  • 4-6% Max Daily Risk
  • 5-10% Max Risk


  • 100K USD Minimum
  • 40-50% Performance Fee
  • Investor Friendly
  • Min. Fee May Apply
  • 4% Min. Risk Allowance


  • 2,0M USD Min Capital
  • MAM Technology
  • Private Access
  • Proprietary Analytics
  • xFlow Trading & Risk
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