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#1 World's Best Online
Forex Trading Courses

Trader Education - Second to None

Our iForex Basics course delivers the footing to a solid foundation. New traders will learn about market architecture while we intentionally avoid the faulty analysis you'd see in 99% of retail trading courses.  From day 1 we give you an objectively focused structure.

Our iForex Intense Trading Course extends many of our public access sessions with modules to break the market down into subordinate components. This course is where all other trading courses want to be, it's light years ahead of all other course providers premium programs.

Our FX Traders Course is where all other providers fail to achieve. We'll show you precisely how the 1% analyze the market but we'll do so without retail concepts or lagging chart based analysis. It's a game changer.

Prerequisite - Knowledge & Fluency in FX Basics

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