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Forging Forex Market Education with Transparency in Analysis

  • What are iFXM's methods?
    We use a 4 models, they differ from traditional technical indicators in that they don't lag with history while components of them lead the market with a micro-structure measure of sentiment. We also understand market volume and distribution as well as the value proposition that institutions are looking for. All of these are blended into a powerful suite of measures that simplify the market while leading it's direction.
  • What methods of analysis do you use?
    We incorporate a global perspective in a few models. FlowTrader - Analyzes global volumes on individual currency pairings and presents that in an easy to read measure of flow. CSFX Indexes - With the Indexes we build values of currencies as they relate to all other currencies. This tells us where the values are changing across neutral into aggressive zones. Also provides us a micro- structure view in sentiment. Index Flow - The differentials of indexes giving you the resulting trend. CSFX Plot - A granular view of market sentiment on the fly - based upon all 28 major FX Pairs.
  • How do I provision my licenses?
    On the website, within either Trader Licenses Page or Premium Licenses page you would input your account number, demo or live respectively and click the update button for each one. These can be independently used, in other words, you can place a demo account number and not be required to use a live account number. The demo license will function on a demo account. The live license will function on both a live and a demo account. You can change these licenses on your own. When you set the license and click update it will say processing... For a few seconds. When that goes away the license is already prepared.
  • Why isn't my order panel working questionmark
    For premium licenses the order panel is automatically licensed with three other tools. With Trader Access membership, licensing of the order panel is a manual process that we will update once each day. If you have a license set for indexes, at that time it will be provisioned for the order panel.
  • Why can't I see the plot of sentiment on chart?
    Sentiment in the CSFX plot functions during live market hours and will not draw when the market is closed. Attach it to the chart in live hours and it will work fine. There are times due to the dynamic nature of data where you need to reset it because it has gone off track.
  • I'm a new trader, can you help me?
    Yes we can! But more importantly, we should determine what type of student you are and what the best method would be for you to learn!
  • I have traded for years without success, can you help?
    Yes, we can absolutely help. If you've traded retail methods prior we assure you that you haven't seen or witnessed the inside of the market yet. You've focused far too long on retail trading approaches like ICT/SMC. They are in fact the same and both are retail approaches that track price action - a lagging study.
  • What does iFXM offer?
    That's a loaded question! We're a community of traders who've spent entire careers in foreign exchange as well as other markets. We provide many valuable tools such as; Trader Education Second to None! Market Analysis that LEADS price movement. Qualitative & Quantitative Studies Market Transparency & Analytical Intelligence
  • Does iFXM offer trader funding?
    While we are not a prop fund per se, we do offer traditional capital allocation for our student members.
  • What instruments can I trade with your funding?
    Our focus is on the primary 28 currency pairs but if you're using our models you may also trade major crypto currencies as well as major market indexes, metals and oil.
  • What is the process to qualify for funding for members of iFXM?
    To gain access to funding as a member it's pretty simple. Proceed through the courses of instruction for your membership level. Once this has been done you'll be ready to dive into the charts and use the new found knowledge on the markets. At anytime, registering a demo account as your qualification is entirely free. Submit the required details so we may monitor your activity and trade! When you have reached a minimum of 30 days trading and a volume of 1000 time's equity. ( This can be matched by 100 trades at 10/1 leverage or any combination thereof. ) If you have a net profit over that same period, you're qualified!
  • What strategies can I use with your funding?
    While in theory, any trading strategy could result in a profit, we need to see it's profitability. That is done with the process of qualification, so technically we're approving traders knowledge and not any specific strategy. For that, we require traders to progress through a minimum level of education to gain access to qualification. Once the trader has passed qualification we approve them subject to KYC and AML processing.
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