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Trader Funding Exposing Prop Funds for Trader Profits


In terms of long term profitability, funding offers are not even remotely similar across the industry space. There are hundreds of offers that promise sky high profit payouts but those offers are not based upon real funding but subscriptions of others who pay for their service.

When you profit with one of these outfits (95% of those who attempt) Their fees are the direct source of the capital you are paid. Many of these subscription based firms are very well known. They typically use DEMO accounts and make the representation that they slave live hedging accounts off your performance in Demo.  Not likely the case in any respect. Demo servers are managed differently and are afforded minimal resources of management and have little functionality for hedging in the live environments. Be very cautious of these offers when your trading performance is high.


Let's take a step back and glance at reality. Would an institutional investor permit a trader (who benefits) from the investors assets under management permit a trader to retain 80-90% of earnings? Not in reality no! The standard performance compensation for fund managers and traders is 25% of returns with a slight premium to those that trade exceptionally well or gain above average returns while minimizing associated risks.

When analyzing funding options my focus is on any up front cost, expense of trading in spread and commissions and risk metrics which hinder your ability to trade normally. In addition, is the fund growing with you or is the return prohibitive of their growth.

About 15 years ago I engaged what would eventually be known today as trader funding or prop funds. It was significantly different back then and it was purely performance and invitation based.  I'd offer capital to brokers dealing models as well as use soft capital for my own proprietary trading.
While we may offer private capital at times, the need for trader funding has never been greater. While traders are absolutely developing stronger analytical models and skill levels, the economies of the world are making it more difficult to accumulate sufficient trading capital. For this we have scoured the earth with a viable solution for trader funding that stands out from the crowd of options for one reason only. Integrity.


Many traders seek to utilize trader funding options for building their portfolios and capital appreciation in leveraged forex trading. For many reasons including additional capital injections, risk tolerances and trading-transactional costs, we have established a non compensatory structure with TCT.  In this structure we are not compensated by TCT but pass along discounted access to you the trader.

You'll find many options with TCT including real growth opportunities in a non subscription focused business and risk model. In addition, for the disciplined trader, you'll find their maximum funding levels to be significantly higher than the 'subscription' offers promising absurdly irrational revenue splits. While with TCT you do have the ability to 'lock' in your percentage for freezing the expansion of additional capital injections.

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