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Complete Trader Development Program

So I've had a few days to structure the coming program for next week. I expect the Complete Trader Development Program to - cut the strings from traditional retail trader educational programs and fill the needed void while shortening the learning curve for retail traders of foreign exchange and other asset classes. All of the sessions will begin at 7 AM EST (New York Time) and will be recorded/published. To Register, visit the Schedule Page and use the Zoom Link Provided. There's nothing else needed.

Week One Focus - July 24th - July 28th

Course Introduction

Market Architecture

Counter Party and other Risks

Market Efficiency

Misconceptions about Market Volume

Week Two Focus July 31st - August 4th

Market Makers

Exchange Rate Driven Strategies

Price Action Based Retail Strategies

Market Micro-Structure & Price Discovery

Exposing Traditional Technical Studies

Data Mined Strategies

Week Three Focus August 7th - August 11th

Elimination of Historical Lag & Hard Right Edge of Chart

Core Market Influences

Market Transparency

Institutional Participants & Advanced Strategies

Qualitative Methodologies

Week Four Focus - August 14th - August 18th

The Faults of Predictions and Statistics

Market Cycles & Their Predictive and Dynamic Nature

Trading Responsively

Retail vs Professional Returns

This outline will be updated as we get closer to next week but it's important to note that unlike our normal open access courses, this course and it's sessions will be a high and low level breakdown of analytical methods and technical studies that traders typically employ. Our focus will be on the methods traders use day to day in their decision making. In Week three and four we'll dive into the forward walk with the analytical models of iFXM as an example. Meanwhile, regardless of your trading methods, analysis used or specific strategies, everyone will find tremendous value in the coming month!


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Where i can find zoom link?

Me gusta

Nick Lees
Nick Lees
20 jul 2023
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Awesome content and looking forward to it

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I have done my registration, great times awaits.

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The best

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I have a question: is there an option to translate the training into Polish? It's probably out of the question, but I'm asking out of curiosity;) thank you in advance for your answer;)

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Now I also write my comments with the help of Google translator, so if there are any errors or misinterpretations or omissions, etc. Please keep this in mind and don't hold it against me. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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