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Tis it! Trading the Leading Edge of FX!

Trading the leading edge of FX isn't easy, that's well known. But what is the leading edge of FX? How do we determine if our methods of analysis actually lead or are somewhat subject to the whims of price action?

While that answer is easy, it's more difficult to experience because Banks have forever blocked your access to transparency.

It will be the last open access course I provide this year as we're completing the development of xFlow - a market leading blend of models that KNOW why, how and when the markets move! It's total transparency on the desktop in a high level of resiliency!

Again April 1st - 5th at 6 AM EST (New York Time) It will show you how we KNOW every market move as it happens - without lag of price!

Leading Edge of FX

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Hello Mr. Nick, I'm happy to find you and this site before the market rips my funds. I only lost 50$ to the market 2 months ago trying someone's signal service and retail supply/demand approach. I'm following you on all platforms hopefully with your guidance I'll become confident enough and start a profitable trading carrier. And last but not least, I'd like to say thanks in advance🤠

3 days ago
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You're welcome! Gratitude is appreciated!

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