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Anatomy of a Market - This isn't just the heartbeat, it's the nervous system.

It was 1994 when I set out on this journey. I didn't know the many twists and turns I'd encounter along the way. Had I, I would have never forged ahead. So yes, I'm far from impervious to set backs in the learning curve, I only saw them as stepping stones. This discernment I believe was the difference between either becoming a statistic or enjoying a level of success.

Yet today, climbing aboard something you don't know, understandably isn't an easy task. Never is this more true than in the foreign exchange markets where gurus pop up in an instant while leaving with the wind. Who do you trust, what can you trust. Society is faltering faster than the wind that carries away hard earned cash with a failed trade or two.

For traders with whom I'm coming to know. Welcome aboard! While you don't know me yet, welcome to the family. What's different here? A lot! I pride my success not though by what I can tell you, but what you tell me after you've been through the courses and have found success as well.

I'm just the messenger though, and what I've done over the last thirty years is NEVER anything I'd suggest anyone else try. It's a painful path of not existing. Watching numbers is a boring career path - I've lost so much time in taking the short cut that decades seem like it was just yesterday. I can't get back the years or the tears of enjoying family. That's why I do this, to fight the abuse in sectors of society that push and in fact promote market opacity.

For centuries the markets haven't changed. Bankers still create laws and restrictions on trading while traders provide them exorbitant returns. To reverse the toxic conditions I had to drill deep. I had to understand human response, economics, finance, quantitative and qualitative methods, statistics, and economic cycles in addition to prediction methods and trading technologies within the exchanges.

It took many years of experiences and data collection of those itself to duplicate the process to which institutions enjoy transparency while assuring themselves the leverage you use is done within a wall of opacity.

As I have said in my posts and sessions, this isn't analysis on the candles my friends, it's what causes the candles. But, this isn't fair for you or I, it's time for an inside view. The nervous system of the most complicated market in the world made to look like it's child's play.

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