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Value in Knowledge, Experience and Trading Insight in FX Industry Focused Education.

It's a difficult discussion to say the least. Traders wide and far expect core knowledge to be free because the FX industry focused education on the market has little to any value - many should be free. That is until you get to what you're reading now.

True value in terms of trading education, knowledge, analytics and more is determined by it's resilient efficiency and so much more. That my friends only comes to light when the approach and it's analysis consistently aligns with ultimate price movement, or in terms of what we do at iFXM - it leads them 98% of the time!

My first picnic on teaching traders a dynamic approach wasn't last year or last decade, it was over 2 decades ago so venting a little here. When in 30 minutes I expose everything you've never witnessed on the markets, be sure you don't second guess me or my motives. If you did you'd be cutting yourself off from gaining any knowledge before you start.

I teach because it exposes critical micro-structure while entirely leveling the field between the global banks and your knowledge. I'm on an island of my own when I say this next part - find any other mentor in the world that can stand behind everything they teach, I have for decades. Yes, I'm on an island of my own I guess.

When I say I create professional traders, its' because well, I create professional traders. When I say my models lead price movement the same goes, they lead price movement. Now, what you do with that information is entirely up to you but the only concern you should be contemplating is whether the knowledge I have and deliver is affordable for you. My fight is for the retail trader who's been abused by the institutional side of the market, if you can't see through to that then I can't help you at any point.

If though, you do, then the next step you take is find a pricing package that works for you, the rest I have covered. It's already waiting. Tomorrow I expect to have an affordable Platinum Pro package that provides life long access to the core modules, that will offer monthly installments to make it affordable (I can't recall any other mentor/coach ever offering real value and installments). With it being affordable, you'll be offered a series of models with access to all of our courses. It is what it is. I've declined massive numbers for what I know - but me being rewarded with massive numbers does nothing to help the retail traders in my focus.

See you in the 7 AM EST Session, 30 July (Sunday)

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