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FX Market Transparency 9.9

This morning's session seven was astounding. For those who participated, you're well on your way to dealing capability, the only thing left is your execution and we'll start working on that with Charlie our next volunteer! FX Market Transparency is here to stay!

I'm looking forward to it! There's no comparison to what we do and for us, generating profit is elementary. Today's trading session saw .55% gain in 65 minutes of trading. No drawdown.

You can't do that with retail strategies, it takes knowledge, intelligence and expertise only available here at iFXM!

The majority are holding 90% Confidence with 0% remaining in price derived strategies. This is global, it's the inside view, it's iFXM!

Tomorrow's the last day that the group mentorship will accept any new attendees, after that we lock it down and get to business!

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