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The Week Ahead for Traders at iForex.Market

The week ahead is simply massive. We're ready to launch our Five Day Intensive Immersion - Coaching Course. Have you registered? There's no cost, what are you waiting for?

  • Day One - Monday August 7th, 9 AM EST Participant Interviews, Market Architecture, Market Efficiency, Misconceptions about Market Volume and the Driving Force Behind Exchange Rate Movement.

  • Day Two - Tuesday August 8th 9 AM EST Model Installation, Platform Preparation & Trading Rules, Practical Exercise 1 - Indexes

  • Day Three - Wednesday August 9th, 9 AM EST Exercise 1 Feedback and Survey, Discussion 2, Practical Exercise 2 - Sentiment

  • Day Four - Thursday August 10th, 9 AM EST Exercise 2 Feedback and Survey, Discussion 3, Practical Exercise 3 - Bid Ask Bounce

  • Day Five - Friday August 11th, 9 AM EST Exercise 3 Feedback and Survey, Discussion 4, Practical Exercise 4 - Chart Free Trading

  • Day Six - Saturday August 12, 8 AM EST Community FAQ Session and Participant Interviews

  • Day Seven - Sunday Funday, August 13 8 AM EST, Community Discussion and Participant Bonus Session

There are 10 participants who have already registered and are ready to putt heir trading knowledge and confidence on hyper-drive! BUT - You can still register and participate in the live sessions. You'll learn a TON of new material and see the market from the inside!

Here's the REGISTRATION LINK It's that easy! Monday - Friday 9 AM EST (New York Time) Saturday and Sunday 8 AM EST. And don't forget, if you visit the SCHEDULE page you can register for the trading room sessions as well!

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