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Mindful Trading - From the Inside

So we've covered decades of material and cut the learning curve for those who put in the work. What more could we do in terms of 'mindful' trading? Well, the only aspect that affects traders more than faulty knowledge or lack of awareness is the lack of mental preparation. Mindful Trading - From the Inside is pure insight generated from an understanding of universal awareness.

Oh this could get deep! While we deliver transparency second to none, with that transparency comes study time, sometimes significant hours of it.

The only thing left is the mental game but that goes for everyone! As traders we all have to prepare ourselves for the mental game of trading right? Absolutely, but, let's put things into perspective. What can we identify in our approach and analysis that drives confidence the most, is it mental preparation or the analysis itself? Luckily, it's an elementary understanding that the strategy and leading analysis we use that provides us the most confidence and transparency, the only thing left would then be the mental game at the top 5-6% of peak performance.

Ever watched market cycles? Ever considered how markets move with the ebb and flow of bullish and bearish movement? Wouldn't it be nice to tune ourselves into the broader market as a whole and align our insight with that of the deep pockets? Certainly there would be immeasurable benefit from it. While we easily do this with our leading edge analytical model in sentiment, it's a bit more difficult to lead the leading edge, that is until we read trader psyche.

Throughout the world there exists universal energy. That energy is received in vibrations of everything on earth and around it. The study of this Universal Energy is Reiki - Rei (Rye-Key). It's something that I've focused on for years, and through meditation I'm able to maintain a consistent connection in awareness to the market's energy as a whole.

This coming week, December 4th through the 8th at 6 AM EST we're holding a course that will deliver daily meditations that you'll be able to use to align your calmed self with your objective for trading profits.

You can register for this course and I strongly urge you to! We start at 6 AM EST Monday December 4th.

Mindful Preparation

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