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Forex Education - The True Value of Forex Trading Courses

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

... Is determined by the results in the trading. You can gain insight and knowledge far beyond the public 'standard' and you'd be an expert in the field. But, if you can't put your forex education to use then the utility is diminished.

It's important to me that student - members are able to realize their objectives in profit but it's just as important that along the way they are given the tools necessary as well as required guidance in reaching those goals. Books on the subject consistently fall short in this as it comes down to the approach of instruction and the instructors personal attention to the students individual conditions. No two students are the same and no two students can reach the same results with carbon copies of the same instruction.

So while the course this week was in fact outstanding in terms of what it provided students, it ultimately comes down to the exercises in trading. Here's this mornings session. About .15% return in just over an hour. Not too bad!

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What we do isn't merely instruction, industry wide that becomes empty promises. Our delivery is substance. Something you can sink your teeth into and find results! This is where we put ourselves on the line. Saying what we do and doing what we say!

For those that enjoyed the course this week - we look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments!

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its a detailed approach and with the right attention it will definetely be profitable

Jun 19, 2023
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Nick has done something to be marveled at after many years of losses, I can finally say I'm now on a wining streak. Wish others can get with the programme coz these models that he offers are truly remarkable. The hard part is unlearning the retail trading shit that the gurus, teach us, that only leads to loses on top of more

Jun 16, 2023
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Thank You! The Mission Impossible is now Payday

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