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Trader Development Program

Navigating Society to Discovering Profit

So we're past day two of the Trader Development Program and it's been a solid success. Not without pain and exhausting hours but nevertheless a success!

Yesterday's overview took us into some details most traders never consider. We exposed and confronted the intentional opacity that has been in place for many decades. We identified precisely why banks harbor transparency for themselves and we identified exactly how market opacity has been put into place. You can thank politicians, ignorant of finance and the many repercussions for their ill conceived policies!

Today we dove a bit deeper into market architecture and how exchange rates move while observing the lack of fair market access retail traders are confronted with - intentionally making trading easier for the institutions.

Each session will stream on Zoom and TikTok at 7 AM EST. You can get to the zoom registration by visiting it will require you to register a free community profile to which you can login and visit the schedule page.

To be poignant for the new members the last couple of days, my objective first and foremost is exposing market transparency and the low grade content that exists in the marketplace for FX traders. While this course doesn't exclusively focus on FX it does expose some of the risk flooded 'concepts' that retail traders fall victim to.

This isn't just a leveling of the playing field, it's demolition of walls of opacity and abuse.

See you all in the morning! 7 AM EST! (New York Time)


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I am still new to FX, but what I like most about these courses they easy to understand even to someone like me, and it gives tones of confidence to see that the people who are learning are really profitable. Happy to be here.

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