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Yes, I said LEAD the market. The Painful Reality of Trading FX and our advantage!

For 100+ Registrants. Today is the last day of your life that you'll trade from an uninformed retail level of knowledge.

What shoved me to sail into unchartered waters nearly three decades ago is at the fingertips of many this evening. They have been putting the pieces together and diving into a life long journey of discovery. That very discovery is the process we're going to venture into together in just under 8 Hours.

At 6 AM EST (New York Time) You're going to be presented with everything I have ever studied or touched upon in my trading and more importantly (research career). What most experience today, I discarded because a lack of resilient discovery. In fact, everything I use to this day remains because of it's core aspect of resiliency itself.

What is your trading confidence now? I'd guess, after over twenty years educating traders, it's likely 20-40 %. Well be glad. Tomorrow I assure you, most will be above 65%. You'll walk away from the session knowing what works and why, what doesn't work and why, what may work and what we keep as passive tools or what's needed to develop analytical models that lead the market.

Yes, I just said LEAD the market. Take a deep breath, it's not some secretive method albeit it's proprietary nature. It is though a complex algorithm of 20,000 lines of code that provide us a rock solid perceived value that leads exchange rates like a puppy dog all day long.

My friends, enjoy the night of rest. I guarantee, you won't sleep well after session 1.


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